Building Next-Generation Trust and Transparency with Blockchain

Commerce aims to utilize blockchain and smart contract technology to provide an unprecedented level of transparency, trust, and control to brands selling through our marketplace platform. By recording all transactions on an immutable blockchain ledger and executing purchases via automated smart contracts, Commerce will enable brands to independently verify and audit transaction data while still benefiting from expanded reach through our marketplace.

Our proprietary blockchain solution provides the following key advantages:

Complete Transparency of Sales Data
Every transaction on Commerce will be published to our private blockchain ledger in real time. Brands have permanent access to an indisputable record of all purchases, customer details, order histories, fulfillment dates, and more. Our blockchain acts as the single source of truth that brands can leverage for analytics, forecasting, bookkeeping, and auditing needs.

Guaranteed Payment Distribution
Smart contracts automatically route payments from customers to Commerce and participating brand sellers per the encoded contract logic. Brands are guaranteed ontime payment dispersal minus Commerce's platform fees, avoiding invoice confusion and potential payment disputes. Payments happen automatically at the moment of purchase completion via the smart contract systems.

Immutable Records & Tamper-Proof Transactions
Once published to the blockchain, transaction details including order specifics, customer data, payment distribution, and fees collected by Commerce become permanently recorded and independently verifiable by brands. Records cannot be altered or deleted. This prevents discrepancies and provides an authoritative audit trail.

Enhanced Inventory & Supply Chain Visibility
With end-to-end visibility into customer purchases and order histories, brands can optimize inventory planning, production runs, and supply chain management. By tracking timeline data on the blockchain, brands can identify purchasing trends and gain market insights not attainable on other marketplaces.

We believe leveraging blockchain and smart contract functionality provides the transparency and trust required for modern brands to embrace innovative marketplace partnerships while retaining control over the customer relationship. Commerce aims to set new standards for accountability, reliability, and security in order to facilitate the next generation of brand commerce.